Induction Tutor Trainingfor Manchester Schools and Colleges

Induction Tutor Training

ECT Induction Tutor Training - 2021/2022

Date:  Various (by appointment)  /   Time:  Sessions take approx 1hr anytime between 9am-4pm

Cost:  No fee

NB:  Due to COVID these sessions will take place online via the Microsoft Teams platform.  To book a suitable appointment please complete the brief online booking form stating some preferred dates and times and we will respond asap to arrange.


By appointment we will talk with colleagues new to working as an ECT tutor and to the various statutory requirements and administrative processes involved with ECT Induction.

These sessions can happen at anytime of the year rather than being concentrated in the summer term, and if you would like to take advantage of this support then please complete the online booking form linked above.

Please note these sessions are targeted at those new to/inexperienced in this type of work or those who have not worked with ECTs for quite a while and would like a refresher.  Also applies to Heads/Principals who are new to working in Manchester.

In the interim, please read your induction guidance which covers the key aspects of induction and will assist you in getting started - we will go into more detail and answer any questions you may have during the arranged session.


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