What schools look for...

What schools look for...

When looking to recruit Teaching Assistants, schools will generally look for candidates who hold a recognised qualification - for example, a certificate supporting Teaching and Learning in schools or an NVQ in child care.  It is good practice to first read through the advert of the job you are looking to apply for paying particular attention to the job description and person specification to see exactly what kind of candidate the school are looking for before you apply for any position.  

Never include or apply for posts by CV unless specifically asked to do so !

How do I become a Teaching Assistant ?...

Whilst we, Manchester City Council, are not directly involved in the recruitment or training of Teaching Assistants we have provided below in an effort to help point you in the right direction, direct links to the institutions in Manchester where you can train to become a Teaching Assistant. 

Institutions in central Manchester where you can train.....


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Alternatively,  please see the Adult Education Coursefinder to research available courses at education centres across the city including availability and enrolment dates

What about an Apprenticeship ?

There are now various Apprenticeships available in schools and other educational institutions, please visit the links below for further information...




Current Vacancies in Manchester

For a list of Teaching Assistant posts currently available in Manchester schools/institutions, please visit our Vacancies in Manchester Schools page.


Other useful links for those who already are a Teaching Assistant and looking to improve/further their development:




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