Teacher Apprenticeships and Postgraduate CoursesIncluding information for employers

Teacher Apprenticeships and Postgraduate Courses

A  teacher apprenticeship  is an initial teacher training (ITT) route equivalent to a degree that:

The programme replicates the same high standards for entry and completion as those already required of all initial teacher training (ITT) programmes and offers a combination of classroom teaching and practical learning.

Alternatively, to find postgraduate teacher training courses in England if you want to teach in a state primary or secondary school, or in further education, please visit the government website

Further information relating to other salaried routes into teaching and the support available can be found on the government get-into-teaching website.

Information for employers...

Please see the Education and Skills Funding Agency website for information and guidance relating to apprenticeships for the school workforce.  Additionally, for further information and guidance on recruiting a postgraduate teacher apprentice please visit the government website