Where to find supply work....

Where to find supply work....

Unfortunately we, Manchester City Council, no longer hold a supply list and are no longer directly involved in the recruitment of supply teachers/staff – this responsibility now lies directly with schools/colleges.

We have provided below direct links to some of the main external recruitment agencies that Manchester schools/colleges use for the recruitment of supply staff.  

Please Note:  Providing the links below is not an endorsement/recommendation by Manchester City Council.  They are the main supply agencies used by schools/colleges within the boundary of Manchester City Council.











Important information for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)...

If you are an NQT, you are still eligible to start or continue your induction whilst doing supply work so long as the period of employment is for a minimum contract length of 1 full term - please ask your agency representative for further information and remember to inform your school/college that you would like to start/continue induction - if you are not registered for Induction, you are not on Induction.

NB:  NQTs can undertake short-term (under a term) supply work for a maximum of 5 years from the date awarded QTS.  This is the only time limit that applies to NQTs and statutory Induction.


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