On the 15th July the government issued the following guidance for NQTs, schools and colleges preparing for induction from September 2020 onwards:  

information for schools and NQTs preparing for NQT Induction from September 2020.

They have also published lengthy guidance for schools and colleges outlining what each need to do during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in addition to guidance for safeguarding

Note to those schools/colleges who currently have overdue assessments for 2019/20:  

On the 1st April the government issued the following guidance (linked below) relating to COVID-19 and NQT induction (updated 1st May):  

Government Guidance RE: COVID-19 and NQT Induction

In affect this information means that induction has continued on the 'normal' timeframe (for most NQT's) with assessment due dates remaining the same (see NQT Manager)

NOTE:  Heads, Tutors and Induction Co-ordinators who currently have NQTs registered with us - please see our circular emails dated 1/7/2020, 8/6/2020, 29/4/20 and 2/4/20 for further details including information relating to those NQTs currently in their 3rd and final term and those NQTs currently serving an extension.

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