Statutory Induction Supportfor Early Career Teachers (ECTs)

Statutory Induction Support

Manchester schools, colleges and the local authority as an appropriate body, welcome and support Early Career Teachers (ECTs - formerly NQTs) through their statutory induction period.

If you are an ECT employed in a school or college within the boundary of Manchester City Council for whom we are the appropriate body and you have been registered for and are currently undergoing statutory induction with us, then the content of the sub-sections including the linked statutory documentation will help give you an idea of what to expect, what's expected of you during induction including what to do and who to contact if things seem to be going wrong.  If early engagement with your school/college will be possible before starting in your new role, there are some things you may also wish to consider when planning for the first few days of induction

Important information regarding the Early Career Framework (ECF)...

National rollout of the Early Career Framework (ECF) is now in force as of 1st September 2021 and forms part of DfE reforms to their teacher recruitment and retention strategy.

It's vitally important to note that the ECF does not replace statutory induction and it must not be used as an assessment framework.  The ECF is professional development that underpins induction meaning key statutory requirements remain in place i.e. ECTs must still be registered for induction with an appropriate body for induction who have a key quality assurance role and responsibilities. Induction support, monitoring and assessment against the teacher standards also remains statutory

As ECTs you must only be assessed against the government teacher standards during induction.  As of September 2021 induction becomes a 2-year process for all new starters, new to starting induction, replacing the 1-year format.  For those who had already started/partially completed induction prior to September 2021, please continue to refer to the previous guidance as induction remains at 1-year.  However, the DfE has set a transition deadline of September 2023 for induction to be fully completed under the 1-year arrangements.  If not fully completed by the 2023 deadline, induction will become 2-years minus time already served e.g. if one induction term had already been completed previously, it will be 2-years minus 1 term.  ECF engagement would also be required.


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