A message from the appropriate body induction co-ordinator... 

I am delighted that you have chosen to begin or continue your teaching career in this vibrant and exciting city.  Manchester has a rich cultural, sporting and industrial heritage and I am sure that you will enjoy living and working here.

Teaching in Manchester, in common with most urban settings, is a challenging but ultimately rewarding role. You have the opportunity to make a real difference to the future life chances of the young people of the city, a significant number of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

As a teacher in Manchester you have a vital part to play in contributing to the vision of Education Services:

‘Through an enriched, challenging and fulfilling learning journey, all 19 year olds will emerge as emotionally resilient, confident and competent citizens who are able to realise their full potential,  contributing to and benefiting from the future success of the city’

My role as local authority induction co-ordinator is to monitor and support the induction process, the main hub of which is your school/college. It will also be my pleasure to confirm the recommendation of your headteacher/principal that you have passed at the end of a fully completed induction which as you should be aware is now a 2-year process for all new ECTs, new to starting induction from September 2021 when DfE Early Career Framework (ECF) reforms came into force.


The following information summarises some of the key aspects of your statutory ECT induction and gives you signposts to further information and support including, if early engagement with your school/college will be possible before starting your new role, some things you may wish to consider when planning for the first few days of induction

I look forward to meeting you over the course of what I hope will be a rewarding period in the teaching profession. 


Mr Nick Paul - Strategic Lead & AB Induction Co-ordinator

Manchester Local Authority


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