Induction Support for Manchester Schools and CollegesGuidance for Induction Tutors, Leads, Heads and Mentors

Induction Support for Manchester Schools and Colleges

If you are a school or college for whom we are the appropriate body, the content of the sub-sections inc.  supporting documentation will help you get started and assist you through this statutory process.  Please do not use this guidance if we are not your appropriate body for induction

If you are a new/inexperienced Induction Tutor or a Headteacher/Principal new to working in Manchester and would like us to arrange an online session to discuss the induction process and the statutory requirements that go with it, please complete our brief online booking form and we will reply asap.  These sessions are available at any time of the academic year and do not incur a fee.

Important information regarding the Early Career Framework (ECF)...

National rollout of the Early Career Framework (ECF) will commence and come into force on 1st September 2021 as part of DfE reforms to their teacher recruitment and retention strategy.  

It is vitally important to note that the ECF will not be replacing statutory induction.  The Early Career Framework is professional development that will underpin induction meaning key statutory requirements for induction will remain in place i.e. ECTs (NQTs) must still be registered for induction with an appropriate body for induction who will have a key quality assurance role and responsibilities and support, monitoring and assessment will remain.

National DfE accredited ECF providers are not and cannot be appropriate bodies for induction and the ECF must not be used as an assessment framework.  ECTs must still be assessed against the government teaching standards only.  From September 2021 onwards, induction will become a 2-year process for all new starters starting induction.

For those who had already started/partially completed induction prior to September 2021, please continue to refer to the previous guidance.


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