NQT induction is a statutory process enshrined in the education act and there are a number of key requirements which are commonly referred to as NQT entitlements...

The following bullet points briefly summarise these features but we recommend that for clarification you refer to the Statutory Guidance for NQT Induction.  Despite its name this is a very readable document and it will answer many of the questions you might have about the induction process.

The key features of the NQT entitlement are:

  • A teaching timetable that is no more than 90% of a main scale colleague = 10% NQT time which must be protected by law.
  • The same amount of PPA time as other colleagues. (10%)
  • The support of an Induction Tutor/Co-ordinator (who holds QTS)
  • A minimum of one formal observation each half term (suggested 1 every 4-6 weeks)
  • A professional review meeting every half term. (Half term review)
  • One formal assessment meeting every term. (End of term review)
  • The opportunity to discuss, read, sign and add your own comments to the formal assessment forms that report on your progress at the end of each induction term (1st, 2nd and final term)
  • The opportunity to undertake professional development activities.

How the additional 10% NQT time (non-contact time) is facilitated varies between schools/colleges. In some cases it will take the form of a regular weekly slot, but in other schools/colleges the time may be aggregated into blocks each half term.  Suggested uses for NQT time 

Ideally, observations and review meetings will be timetabled well in advance and this is something you should discuss with your induction tutor in your first meeting. Observations should focus on particular aspects of your practice, which are agreed in advance with the person carrying out the observation. These observations should be supportive and developmental, relate directly to the teaching standards and be accompanied by prompt and constructive feedback.


What to expect…

The following is a brief outline of the key steps to undertake in laying the foundation for a successful induction. These steps are explained in greater detail in the following sections and in the supporting document links on each page.


Please note:  NQT Manager is an online induction management system used by Manchester schools/colleges. Once you have been registered for induction you will receive a welcome email containing login details and further guidance. If you do not receive this email within 2 weeks of your induction starting, please liaise with your Induction Tutor/Co-ordinator/Headteacher.


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