Headteachers/principals are asked to provide summative assessments of an NQTs teaching and progress towards meeting the government teaching standards. These assessments should be based on evidence from your day-to-day practice and observations made throughout each term including discussions at progress reviews and termly assessment meetings between you, your induction tutor/co-ordinator and/or the headteacher/principal.

The headteacher/principal has two key responsibilities..

  • to ensure that, along with the governing body, a post is suitable for induction to take place and an appropriate induction programme is provided in-line with national arrangements inc recommending to the Appropriate Body whether an NQT has met the teaching standards.
  • to ensure that each NQT is registered for induction with the Appropriate Body (Manchester Local Authority) within 10 working days of start (preferably before if QTS has already been confirmed/ verified by the school/college). 


NB:  Registration is a legal requirement - if an NQT is not registered for induction, legally, they are not under induction and induction cannot be backdated.


The statutory guidance and the regulations it refers to also requires the headteacher/principal to ensure that an NQT is provided with a reduced timetable, representing no more than 90 per cent of the average contact time normally allocated to more experienced teachers in the school/college. The headteacher/principal must ensure this release time is protected (legal requirement) distributed appropriately throughout induction & used to support the NQT's development from the start of induction.


Induction Tutors/Co-ordinators…

Induction tutors/co-ordinators have a key role and significant responsibilities in statutory induction arrangements.  Induction must be well planned, carefully executed and evaluated to ensure it meets the general and individual needs of each NQT and provides a firm foundation for career-long professional development.   Tutors/co-ordinators have day-to-day responsibility for monitoring, supporting and assessing an NQT including making rigorous and fair judgements on progress towards meeting the teaching standards.

The induction tutor/co-ordinator’s key responsibilities include:

  • providing, or co-ordinating, guidance and effective support, including coaching and mentoring
  • undertaking regular reviews and three formal assessments during the total induction period.
  • ensuring the NQT understands the roles of those involved
  • ensuring that the NQT is provided with copies of written feedback records
  • working with the NQT to organise and implement a personalised programme of monitoring, support and assessment that account for their identified needs and strengths, the teaching standards and the specific context of the school/college
  • In a further education institution or sixth form college, ensure the NQT is provided with the required school experience and placement for teaching children of compulsory school age.


The Appropriate Body (Manchester LA)...

As the Appropriate Body, Manchester Local Authority has a key quality assurance role in the induction process providing support & monitoring to both schools/colleges and NQTs, ultimately making the final decision as to whether an NQT has met all of the teaching standards required to successfully complete induction or an extension to the induction period is required.

Key functions are:

1. Registration of NQTs - Once registration is received from the school/college, verify/validate & register NQTs with the government Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA)

2. Provide support - Support both schools/colleges and NQTs by providing training, advice and guidance throughout the induction process.

3. Monitoring induction - Monitor induction ensuring end of term assessments are fair and conform to statutory requirements.

4. Approve/Reject Extensions - Where applied for, approve/reject extensions to the Induction period.

5. Regularly Update the TRA - Provide termly updates to the TRA regarding NQT status.

6. Maintain Records / Data - Maintain accurate, up-to-date records and assessments received for each NQT.

7. Finalise Induction - Make a final decision as to whether NQT has passed or failed induction and notify all parties of it’s decision inc. the government Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA)

Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)…

NQTs must participate and play an active role in their own induction. They must be proactive and maintain regular dialogue with their induction tutor/co-ordinator and head/principal as and when required throughout the induction programme, maintaining personal records, identifying CPD opportunities and keeping track of and attending all scheduled review/assessment meetings.


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